19 de abril de 2005

Cambio de rumbo

Lenn Pryor, fundador de Channel 9, y jefe de Robert Scobleizer deja Microsoft y se va a Skype. Lo explica en su blog, donde dice cosas como éstas:
Microsoft lost me for many reasons, Skype gained me for many reasons.
I decided to swap problem sets from one that I am not passionate about any more to one that I AM deeply passionate about. I just couldn't go on being an evangelist for a gospel that I don't believe I can sing. I am returning to focus on what I enjoy most, building amazing things that make people happy, change lives, and make money. In this case Skype was a better place for me to do this and one that shares my core values and beliefs in how the future of both software and business will unfold.
Niklas, Toivo, Taavet, Ahti, Jaan, Erik, Nils, Stefan, Janus and the rest of the amazing team at Skype ... I can't wait to get started, you guys have something truly special and I am so grateful and excited to be a part of it. We are just beginning to change how the world communicates.
[Vía Om Malik]

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