11 de junio de 2017

One technology to rule them all

What if an AI system ​​uses anonymous browsing and hides customers’ preferences?
What if the software collects information from some database instead of visiting the merchant website?

Future AI assistants could delete cookies and browse from corporate servers, masking identities and repeated visits and sharing product information from websites with millions of users. There may be ways to mitigate this problem, but this is no laughing matter. In fact, shopping bots might render useless many of today’s most popular online marketing strategies.

An scalable AI software able to serve millions would exploit that capability to improve their feedback to individual users, attracting new ones in the process. This network effect means the AI service would become more attractive as additional users join.

Unless a free AI scenario prevents it, the above would lead to huge increases in valuation for market leaders and, conversely, to big losses for companies in the long tail. If the AI leader is a startup the term unicorn wouldn’t do it justice and we might be having to come up with a new word.

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