6 de julio de 2004

CCC (Creative Commons y Comentarios) : 2ª parte

Tras la sugerencia de Julio envié un correo a Joi Ito y esto fue lo que me respondió:
    Hi Pablo. I think that under US law at least, using someone's comments
    from a blog would be "fair use" even if it was for commercial use.

    However, if you are worried, you can write some fine print that says,
    "unless otherwise noted" and people who want to keep their copyright
    could notate it as such.

    I think the point is that most people who comment on blog are not going
    to make money on their comments. My point is, why should you try to
    prevent others from making money?

    - Joi

    On Jul 6, 2004, at 9:18 PM, Pablo Martínez-Almeida wrote:

    > Mr. Ito,
    > I have a doubt involving Creative Commons licenses, and I guess you
    > are the right guy to ask about.
    > Same day you posted "Accuracy of my posts" I wrote a similar post (La
    > burbuja blog - Blog bubble) on my weblog: abundando.blogspot.com
    > (content in Spanish). In my post I tried to stress the importance of
    > comments as one of the main values in a weblog. Later it occurred to
    > me that there could be a problem with comments (I wrote about it in my
    > post CCC (Creative Commons y Comentarios).
    > Let's say someone writes a very good comment in your blog. Another
    > person reads that comment and uses the idea within the comment to make
    > money. If commentators are not sure whether their rights are protected
    > that could prevent people from writing good comments. Instead of
    > commenting at your blog they could think: ‘I’ll post on my own blog’
    > (who rarely someone visits) or ‘I will keep the idea to me and think
    > how to profit from it’. As a result many good ideas could be wasted.
    > So my point is, who is the legal owner of a comment in a blog? What
    > happens if that blog has a Creative Commons license? Does it protect
    > comments? What do you think?
    > Thanks for your time and your wonderful blog,
    > Pablo Martinez-Almeida
    > PS: Sorry for my terrible English.

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