13 de mayo de 2005

A todo gas... natural

Nethercomm, una empresa californiana, asegura ser capaz de proveer servicios de banda ancha inalámbrica a través de las conducciones de gas. La información se transmite mediante frecuencias de radio ultra wideband, empleando el gas de las tuberías como medio conductor, y la velocidad alcanzada supera los 10Gbps. Según la compañía sería la tecnología adecuada para cubrir la ya famosa última milla:

Broadband-in-Gas delivers unmatched levels of connectivity by making use of Ultra Wideband technology to wirelessly broadcast information in a way that is both safe and reliable by using the private spectrum isolated within natural gas pipelines.

Nethercomm’s technology requires no modification to existing natural gas distribution infrastructures and can carry enormous amounts of data by simply making use of the entire spectrum buried within the existing natural gas pipelines. The technology delivers connectivity over the last mile of broadband networks without interference or degradation of other wireless transmissions. By not consuming or sharing costly spectrum, and not requiring installation of last mile cable or fiber, Nethercomm is prepared to make broadband substantially more affordable while increasing end-user bandwidth to unprecedented levels.

[...] Simply stated, Nethercomm introduces signals into the gas lines using inexpensive equipment located at existing neighborhood network hubs and extracts data at the customer or business premises with end user-installed equipment which can operate seamlessly with most existing and deployed digital set-top boxe
[Vía Om Malik: Broadband through Gas, Seriously]

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